Jesse McInturff is a Los Angeles based film and television composer. 

Jesse showed a musical inclination from a young age, growing up in rural America just north of the Minnesota/Iowa border, in a small town called Blue Earth. Beginning with his participation in his school choir from 5th grade on, music always held a strong influence on his life. Everything changed, however, once Jesse discovered Punk Rock & Heavy Metal in his teenage years.  Spending most of his 20’s in small vans touring the country Jesse moved to Los Angeles in 2013 and began working at various studios around the SoCal area, releasing a solo album under the name VVives in 2017 and Debtors, a collaboration with Alex Dondre of Psychostick, in 2018.    Since 2017 his music has been featured on 90 Day Fiance, Ghosthunters, Life Below Zero, Hollywood Medium, Kings of Pain, and others.

Jesse also routinely works with 21 South Music & Pilgrim Media Group