Jesse McInturff is a Los Angeles based film and television composer.

Jesse showed a musical inclination from a young age, growing up in rural America just north of the Minnesota/Iowa border, in a small town called Blue Earth. Beginning with his participation in his school choir from 5th grade on, music always held a strong influence on his life. Everything changed, however, once Jesse discovered Punk Rock & Heavy Metal in his teenage years.

Rapidly becoming obsessed with the sounds he was hearing, Jesse dug out a Kay bass guitar his mother had in storage, and began sneaking into the basement to play it. After a few weeks he asked if he could take it out of the basement and his mother, of course, obliged. Within a year of taking up bass, Jesse was trying to form his first punk band. Due to a lack of guitarists in rural America interested in the obnoxious sounds he loved, Jesse made the switch to six strings, not knowing what a profound effect this would have on his life.

After graduation, Jesse attended Rochester Community & Technical College. He studied recording and composition, and fell in love with classical music theory. Within three years, Jesse found himself in the back of a van, traveling the country with a Minneapolis based band called Screaming Mechanical Brain.

From his time in Screaming Mechanical Brain, Jesse learned synths and MIDI programming, and fell in love with large, orchestrated sounds. As with most rock bands, SMB had a shelf life, and the band broke up mid-2013. This resulted in Jesse moving to Los Angeles, CA.

 Since this time, Jesse has been tirelessly working with artists at Studio MRM, and in his home studio in Koreatown. Most recently, Jesse finished his newest EP of rock music with his new band, VVives. In addition, he is working on a release with Debtors, his collaboration with Alexander Dontre of Psychostick, on top of his current workload of music for his film, television, and music library.